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Petite Trench Coat | Short

If you think you won't soon be needing trench coats, think again. It's June the First and I can't believe the amount of rain we are having this year.
Petite Trench Coat | Short

In a normal year we should already be looking for a swimwear, not an outerwear. But hey! We can't change the weather, can we!

Just need to be prepared for whatever the Mother Nature throws at us.

So, if you are looking for a waterproof jacket for this summer, here is one I found you that would suit petite women thanks to its simple style.

Lord & Taylor Petite Trenchcoat

It's a real bargain, considering originally it cost $160. Today it's only $63.98. Unfortunately it can only be shipped within the US. ;(

If you don't like this jacket or if you are from a country other than the US, check the list of the best stores that carry petite trench raincoats. Some of these stores have international delivery services. So they definitely deliver to the US, UK, EU countries and more. Good luck with your search!!!

Petite Formal Dresses Online Resource

Find your petite formal dresses just here: long dresses with jackets, as well as dresses with long sleeves and more.

Continue reading "Petite Formal Dresses Online Resource"

28AA Bras Do exist | AA Cups

28AA Bras | Petite Bras | Small BrasRecently I came accros a petite woman's complaint about it being so difficult to find 28AA bras that look classy and not just like first bra styles.

There was even a question online whether size 28AA bras really exist.

I knew they existed, but I didn't know how hard it was to find the styles that are more for grow-up women if you know what I mean.

So I gathered all the information I found on 28 AA cup bras in one place, so that you could have a general idea of where to look and what is on the market.

Check 28AA Bras Resources to find out more. Happy searching!!!

Searching for plus size petite clothing

Petite Plus Size Pants I've come across the store that offers pants in pre-hemmed lengths in Petite, Regular and Tall inseams. And if none of their prehemmed pants fit you, then you can have them hemmed for free. Really, can't get better than this, can it?

Finally, they heard us - the big players in the fashion industry. They started listening to petite women's needs. It's about time, ain't it? ;)

The name of the store is Lands' End. It has stores in the US, UK, Austria, France, Germany and Japan. And your orders can be delivered worldwide.

The image to the left shows one of their plus size pants that you can get hemmed for free. Though do read on how to get your pants hemmed for free on their product order page when you are visiting Lands' End official website. As you need to get the instructions right to them, so that you get a good result. ;)

Just FYI: By the way the misplaced apostrophe on their logo is correct today. However it was a genuine typo on their first printed material, which then became their trademark.

Here is what else I found on Plus Size Petite Clothing.

Women's 26" Inseam Jeans

Women's Petite Jeans Inseam 26 inch It's getting easier and easier to find jeans for petite women who wear short inseam jeans.

We keep adding new stores that carry petite jeans for women.

A few years ago it was impossible to find online inseams like 25 and 26. 26" inseam jeans are still hard to find if you want to have a good selection to choose from.

We did our best to pull all our best finding together and now you can check them all in one place at these Best 26" Inseam Jeans Best Resources

MandCo | 30% Off Selected Petite Clothing

Petite Cardigan TopsLooks like it's going to be one of those cool summers this year. So me may be wearing cardigans for a while yet.

Now hurry up to grab some classy summer cover ups like this cardigan, as MandCo is offering 30% off their selected petite clothing like this one.

Also bear in mind they have great offers in their women's swimwear department.

Don't worry if you are not in the UK. MandCo offers free international delivery on orders over £80. Otehrwise it's £15.00 to US.

You can choose from many more cardigans and petite tops on sale at M&Co official website Good luck!