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Use the following Fashion Advice and Fashion Tips to look trendy and fabulous.

We are not saying all, but most of us Petites want to look taller than we are. As it's not possible physically, (well it is nowadays, but you know what we mean) the fashion gurus have discovered we could cheat.

We can create the illusion of a longer silhouette. How? Simply by following some basic tips below:

Here are the fashion tips of what to wear and how:

  • Wear clothes with vertical lines.
  • Choose clothes with smaller prints and patterns (ideally choose patterns smaller than your fist).
  • Try monochromatic (various shades of the same colour, not more than three though) from top to toe.
  • Try vertical pleats, zip front, cable patterns, ribbed knits, v-necklines (to elongate the torso), open jackets, pinstripes, long pants, long skirts, paired with and covering the top of boots.
  • Deep necklines to show some skin as it makes you seem longer and leaner.
  • If you're wearing a round or square neckline you can counter the widening effect by topping it off with something vertical like a long necklace.
  • Select three quarter sleeves to make your arms and upper body look longer.
  • Jeans with straight legs, a bit long, will strengthen the vertical feel.
  • Fitted, tight jeans will also elongate your appearance.
  • Shoes: pointed and narrow toes, open shoes (to show some skin as it adds to your height), high heels, t-straps to make your ankles and legs visually longer, knee high dark coloured boots.
  • Use thin, non contrasting belts.

Here are some important points to avoid when chosing your petites.

  • avoid anything that has a horizontal cut or a line that slices your body
  • avoid highly contrasting colours
  • avoid oversized accessories (jewelery, eyeglasses and handbags)
  • avoid wide belts
  • avoid wearing several garments and accessories on top of each other as it expands your frame and drags it down, making you look even smaller.
  • avoid square and boat necks as they make you look stubbier.
  • avoid capris and cuffed hems (unless it's jeans with softer fabric, and only if you have no other option)
  • Avoid oversized prints and patterns, as they will emphasize your petiteness even more.

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