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Yet another challenge for women with petite body is finding perfect-fit petite business suits.

When choosing the suit jacket I always face the issue with the sleeves. I need to be careful with the design of the cuffs. They have to be very simple and easily hemmable.

And of course the other issue is the length of the pants. Nowadays, it's easier to find pants by inseam length, so it's not a great deal any more.

Now to help you with your search for a petite size suit, I surfed the net high and low. And here is what I found for you.

Where To Find Petite Suit Sets

Ann Taylor wear-to-work suits are made to put a sophisticated look to your business style. Their petite range pants inseam length is of 30", while some are 31". If you are looking for a serious business look, you'll find it there. They also have skirt suit sets in petite.

Macy's carries pant suits and skirt suits, as well as petite dress suits exclusively for petite businesswomen. Some of their pants' petite inseam length is 29". You can also get suit separates, if you wish.

Majority of the Next pant suits for petites come in inseam length 27'½", which is 70 cm. They have a very good selection pant suits as well as business type petite dresses in sizes from 6P to 16P.

Talbots suit pants' inseam length is 29½". So if the pants are a bit too long for your petite legs you can get a matching skirt or a dress to complete your suit. The quality of the fabric the suits are made of is exceptional.

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