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As I have not yet come across a store that sells all the items of petite clothing in one place, I've decided to categorize the clothing departments and share my findings on the net. Hope this helps you in your petite clothing research.

Where Do I find My Petite Clothing

Because of my body shape I always have issues finding the right size petite dress for me.

I am not just petite, my hips, waist and breast sizes do not fit under any one size. If I choose dresses by my hip size I need to buy M, by waist - L and by breast - S.

If you can't see what you are looking for then check the navigation column on the left as you can see many more petite womens clothing items there too. Now, it's your turn.

Where Do You Find Your Petite Size Clothes

Share your own petite clothing resources to help other members of our petite community. Click on the link/title just above to share your stores or websites with petite clothes or small size shoes.

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