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Winters vary from place to place. What is a winter coat for somebody who lives in a mild climate zone, is just a light one for someone who lives let's say in Russia or Canada, where the winters are harsh.

That's when you need long coats with warm lining inside and fur collar. When choosing your winter coat for real winters, I recommend you to check its composition.

Fur, wool and down coats are the best, as they naturally keep your body warm. However, some artificial fabrics, if they are from a quality brand, can also be warm.

Cut to flatter wool coat from Precis Petite: "Long coats elongate your silhouette. Navy color puts a super lux spin on the long winter coat, a suit-all-piece that represents timeless petite fashion.

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In search of really petite size winter coats I spent quite a lot of time online. So here are some coats I found online and would like to share them with you.

Stores Recommended By Petites

BurlingtonCoatFactory down-filled puffer coats with hood, full-length wool blend coats, faux fur coats, faux suede coats with plush lining and more from size XSP to XLP.

Debenhams carry a good selection of coats that keep your petite body warm in winter. Their warmest petite coats are from Precis Petite.

Want to help other petite women? Share your petite clothing stores just here. No registration or email address are required.

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And here are some sayings I came accross when shopping for my petite coats and thought I'd share them too.

"I pity a man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process." - Benjamin Harrison

"Prepare your sleighs in summer, your cart - in winter." - Russian Proverb

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