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Today there is no shortage of cocktail dresses in petite sizes. As long as you have an idea of what length, color, style and budget you are after, then it's only a matter of looking in the right online stores.

Hand-Picked Cocktail Dresses in Petite Size

Although you see some prices in otehr currencies be sure that most stores have the option of international delivery. So if you are from a country other than the US and you do like a dress or two, please read the product details by clicking on the links below the dress. You may find that it is possible to ship to your country.

Good Luck!

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Petite Cocktail Dress From Delias

House of Fraser petite dresses are made exclusively for Petites and you can wear them for any special occasion.

Macy's does carry cocktail dresses for petite women. They name them party dresses and they let you choose the dresses by dress length, by occasion, brand, lifestyle, bodytype, price, brand, color. Although their dresses start from around $50 and can be up to $300, you can have good deals during sales, clearance or discount period.

Nordstrom petite dresses section features cocktail dresses within the price range of $50-$300. Petite sizes come in XXS (0) - to XL (18). You can narrow yuour serach down by choosing the color, silhoutte, price, size, brand and availability on the top cenetr of the page.

Want to help other petite women? Share your petite clothing stores just here. No registration or email address are required.

How To Wear Your Petite Cocktail Dress

Petite Cocktail Dress

As Petites, our first preference when choosing any dress (especially a cocktail dress) goes to short length dresses. It doesn't have to be a mini dress. Knee high dress is good, then you need to decide depending on the shape of your legs, whether to wear above or below your knees.

Dresses made of light fabrics are best, as you don't have much of a body to carry that heavy weight anyway. ;)

Choose a dress that is not a casual style. After all, you are going to a party, aren't you? So you need to play the part.

Go for happy colors. Black is the color that will never be out of place. However, darker shades of any other colors that you feel comfortable in would be a great idea.

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