Petite Tunic Tops For Women

Check my hand-picked petite tunic tops or the stores recommended by petite women.

Tunics are the best thing since sliced bread for petite ladies. Why? Well, they let you show the best half of your legs and that as you know gives the visual illusion by adding an inch or two to your height. Of course, then we've got another challenge - finding petite leggings to go with your top. But that's another subject of search. Don't worry we will get there. For now, let's go and find the stores, where it's more likely for us to find those tunic tops for leggings. ;)

Top Stores For Women's Petite Tunics

Dillards tunics for petite women are mostly under $50, however you can find some over $200. They carry such famous brands as Eileen Fisher, Investments, One Way Apparel, TanJay and Westbound.

Macy's women's tops department is always rich for tunic in size petite. You can have a choice for under $50. Don't get me wrong, you can find tnics for over $100 too. The choice is yours. You have real bargains if it is a sale time. Sizes are from PXS to PXL.

SoftSurroundings is the place to shop the latest collection of the most popular petite tunics online. Most of their items are made of natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen. And while you are there as well as their other petite tops, I recommend you check their three-quarter length tops. Trust me you won't regret - you'll love them.

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Top Picks - Petite Tunic Tops

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