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Womens US shoes size 5.5 is equal to the UK size 3 and EU size 35.5. I should say that you are lucky your shoe size is above size 4. You know why? Because it really is a bit challenging to find womens shoes size US 2 to 3.5. It is possible though, but time consuming.

I did a thorough research of various petite shoes stores online and made this list of stores that specialize in small size womens shoes. Check them out by following this link.

US Size 5.5 Small Shoes Collection

Have you found your dream shoes yet? If you haven't I have this list of stores to share with you. It's the list of stores that specialize only in small size shoes or offer all shoe sizes as well as petite sizes under 5.

If you know of a store that carries women's small size shoes or petite size clothing, please share it and read what other petite visitors shared with us. You can do it by visiting our Petite Clothing Stores link. Help and be helped. ;)

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