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  • Womens shoes US Size 4.5 equals to EU size 34/35 and UK size 2. In saying we noticed that sizing varies from brand to brand. Therefore make sure you carefully check all size guide information to get the best fit shoes for your petite feet.

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Stores Recommended by Petite Women

Amazon USWomen's Small Shoes 4.5 and Amazon UK are highly recommended online stores for shoes and clothing for petites. Most popular brands are represented thereon. They make it easier to find your favourite shoes by choosing various categories and narrowing down your search results to exactly types and size of shoes you need.

OnlineShoes.com and Shoes.com carry all types of small size shoes for any occasion: casual and dressy, athletic and outdoor, office and business, safety and work shoes. You can choose your shoes by width. 

Zappos 4.5 size shoes collection for women has over a thousand pairs of all types of shoes to choose from. Whether you want shoes for comfort shoes or wedges, you can find them all within any price range.

Size 4.5 Women's Small Shoes Finder

Use this search tool to find the type of shoes you want in size that fits you. Just type in the box ex. "women's sandals" and click "Go". When you get the results page, choose the size you need or your favourite shoe brand and other options to your liking, so that you can have the best possible results broken down for you.

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