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Womens Small Size Shoes

Along with all other challenges, petite women often face difficulties finding small size shoes.

As long as you wear shoes size 4 and over you are OK. But any size 3.5 and under has a very limited offer.

Where To Find Shoes US Size 2-5

I would consider US shoe sizes 2-3.5 are really hard to find shoes. Some people call them petite size shoes.

So far I found only a handful of stores online that cater for such petite feet starting from UK size 13, US 2 or EU 32. Here they are: Cinderella of Boston (US), Dainty Feet (UK), The Little Shoe Shop (UK), Picollo Small Shoes (UK) and Pretty Small Shoes (UK).

Although most of them are based in the UK, they all ship to many countries worldwide. Find out about these and a few other small size shoe stores here.

You have a better choice for size 4 shoes online. You can check some of them here. Be sure that if the store has size 4, they normally have any other size above it. The issue is only with shoes under size 3.5. ;(

Now, do you know of any other resources online or off who cater for small feet? Do you want to share it with other women with petite feet? You can do so by visiting this special petite clothing stores page where we help each other finding petite items. You are welcome too. Remember: Help and Be Helped.

Don't Give Up On Your Search For Shoes

If you are still confused about your search, why don't you try this search box to find small shoes and boots or any other apparel on Amazon. You'll be surprised of what you can find when you are there.

Type in your search item in the blank box and click on "Go".

You'll find that shoes are categorised nicely into sizes, colors, brands, styles, length, width etc.

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