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We have surfed the net looking for small panties and as a result made the list of stores where you can find petite/small size pants. If you can't find what you have in your mind check any of these Petite Lingerie stores as they will definitely have panties.

Panties Styles

As shown in the image panties can be of various styles and respectively have their own names as bikinis, briefs, boyshorts, hipsters, tanga, thongs, G-trings.

Small Panties Styles

I am very careful when choosing my knickers. First of all I try to check the materiel they are made of. Although synthetics look better than cotton underwear, I go for the natural fabrics. They let your body breath, and it's very important for your health. Silk is good too, but they can be expensive, though it's worth it.

Sometimes I do buy lingerie made of synthetic materiel, only if I need to wear them for a few hours and I know that I'll soon put my comfy ones on.

As for thongs and strings they look sexy and great with your evening outfit.

Out of all the styles above I choose the bikini panties, I find them the comfiest for my hips.

Petite Digression: Unmentionables - those articles of women's apparel that are never discussed in public except in full-page, illustrated ads. - Changing Times

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