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Below is the collection of band size 30 and cup size AA bras. If you can't find the bra you like you can browse through the petite lingerie stores, recommended by other petite ladies.

30 AA is equal to size 30A in the UK, 8AA in Australia and New Zealand, 65A in EU and Japan and 80 A in Belgium, Spain and France.

Bras of this size are usually called first bras and they are frequently designed to suit teens. However, you can find some sexy push up bras if you try hard enough.

30AA Cup Bras

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Amazon is the best online resources for any petite size bras, as well as any other items of petite lingerie.

HerRoom features some AA cup bras for adults, from demi dras to wirefree sports bras for petite women. You need to pick your size from a big range of sizes.

Lulalu is the gem when it comes to AA and AAA cup bras for adult women. They specialize in petite lingerie and carry band sizes from 30 to 38AA. You can shop for the most popular demi cup bras in small sizes.

John Lewis has a good selection of first bras in size 30AA for kids. As well as non-padded bralettes you can find some sexy underwired bras to choose from.

Marks and Spencer is a must-check for 30 AA girls first bras. They also carry non-wired full cup sports bras as well as other comfortable petite bras.

MaxCleavage is the place to look for push up bras in AA cup size. They carry bras that can triple boost your cup size, if that's what you are after. You can find double gel bras whether you want strapless or smooth etc. They have fast worldwide delivery service too.

New Look teen underwear department carries bras in European sizes starting from 65AA which is equal to your 30 band size bra in AA cup size.

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