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28 is the smallest bra band size I have found so far and AA being one of the smallest bra cups just before AAA cups.

Your cup size is AA if the difference between your cup measurements and band measurements is less than 1".

28 AA is the US/UK size and it equals to Australian 6AA, European 60AA and French 75AA bra sizes.

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This Amazon US page takes you straight to their bras page for 28 bras in AA cups. At the moment I looked that page there was only one bra that size. However, as their stock is always being updated, there is a possibility of finding your dream bra just there.

If you are looking for first bras in size 28 AA, then Debenhams bras section is a place to start from. Their bras in your size are non-wired for comfort and of simple design.

John Lewis offers quality underwear as well as bras in size 28 with an AA cup. They feature a good selection of teen bras of the same size.

Marks and Spencer US and M&S UK features smallest bras in sizes from 28A to 44A, and from 28 and 38 in AA cups. Their lingerie has always been of very high quality, so do check this store for other petite clothing items, especially nightwear.

M&Co non-wire and soft 28A bras are made to fit pre-teens and teenagers.

If your search for a perfect- fitting 28 AA bra brought no results, then we suggest you try  shopping for a sister size bra, which, in your case, is 30AAA.

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If you have found your favourite 28 AA cup bra in another place and want to share with other petite women where to look, then you can do so by following this link to Petite Clothing Stores.

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