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Before you do your search see if you qualify for US bra size 38AA. To wear 38AA your measurement just below your bust should be between 32'5" - 34" (83-87cm) and the bust size should be between 34" -38" (87-97cm). 38AA bra size is equal to the UK 38A bras; Australia and New Zealand - 16AA; in France, Belgium and Spain it's 100A; and in the rest of Europe and Japan it's the bra size 85A.

Now when we know your exact size let's see where we can find the bra that you are after by using the online resources below.

Check for More AA Bras in size 38 by visiting HerRoom.

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Stores For 38 AA Bras

Dainty Lady carries a good selection of 38AA size bras from £10 to £45. As well as their own brand they also have such famous brands as Panache, Silhouette and Triumph. Want a matching brief or a thong? You can find them too in sizes 6-18.

HerRoom 38 AA bras are around $50-$65. They also carry 38AAA, A and B cups. This link will take you to their home page and then you need to choose the Bra size category to find the ones available in your bra size. You can also pick from the color, the brand and the style. They also have the popular Ahh Bras for sale.

Linda's Online - small size bras online store has 38AA at $33.00 - $74.00. You can also shop for bras accessories, swimwear, sleepwear, underwear, as well as top quality maternity and nursing bras.

Little Women sells bras of sizes 28-40 with cups AAA, AA, A and B. Their selection of bras also include top lingerie brands such as Royce, Yotti, Sloggi Slim and their own brand Little Women. Their current prices start from £11.50 to £29.95.

Lula Lu offers 38AA, as well as other petite bra sizes. The brands include Wacoal, L.Z., Mary Green, Biatta, Timpa, Bodas and Hanky Panky. Prices vary from $15 to $64. This very link will take you straight to the page with bras available in 38AA. US orders over $100 are shipped free. International shipping is possible depending on the country you live in.

Use the prices above as guide prices only.

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